Welcome '77ers

2015 started with a BANG! Many events already held and several planned!!

  • The Annual picnic this Year has been fixed On Dec 13th.
  •                                       Confirm participationNOW!

  • Before that a ONE WEEK outing is planned for Delopahar, Darjeeling & Rammam. Expected group of 20 including wives!

This group of 260 new students arrived on campus excited and full of hope in 1972. In 1977, 260 seniors graduated from Jadavpur University as confident adults. Each one of us pursued his own career path taking with us a sense of purpose and a commitment to improving the future for all the world's people. Now after 36 years, as we all are on the verge of retirement, we come back together again as "JU1977".

We also have a email group - JU77@yahoogroups.com going for the last 10 or more years as well as a 'Whatsapp' chatgroup famously called "Satyenda's" 


Join the groups and renew your contact with old friends and make some new one's in the bargain!



An amazing five years!

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  • We had a fairly eventful year 2014 in terms of Events & Meets concluding with a picnic on Dec 28, 2014 followed by meets at Shesha & Tony's house! 


When our future was built at Jadavpur University.

Engineering Graduates of 1977

Faculty of Engineering & Technology

Jadavpur University

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